Texas Southern University Communication Student: "There's Excellence Within"

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Student Apathy Towards Voting in 2012 Presidential Election

Students at Texas Southern University speak out about voting in the 2012 presidential election.

English education major, Yanick Shearron-Hawkins is registered to vote in the upcoming 2012 presidential elections. Shearron-Hawkins plans to vote for the re-election of President Barack Obama.

“He gives me hope and he is an inspiration to me. I know he is an inspiration for a lot of black males. But when I look at Obama, it’s like he is a role model for what a black man can be,” Shearron-Hawkins said. “He is hope in that, we don’t have to be entertainers or basketball players and rappers. A little black kid from the hood or anywhere can look up to Obama and say, ‘I can be the president.”‘ “That’s something Romney can’t do.”

Despite accusations of economic failure  from the Republican party, Shearron-Hawkins concedes that he will stand behind Obama another four years.

“You can’t make all the changes you need to make in four years. Obama can make the necessary changes in eight years,” Shearron-Hawkins said. “When I see Romney, I see insincerity. I don’t like that, I don’t like to see that character trait in anyone. It seems like he panders to whatever crowd he’s talking to. He needs to say what he means and means what he says. At least Obama stands for something, and that strikes a cord in me.”


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Student Apathy Towards Voting in 2012 Presidential Election

Students at Texas Southern University speak out about voting in the 2012 presidential election.

Priscilla Hicks is a freshman student at TSU studying business management. Hicks is registered and will vote this upcoming election. She has confirmed her vote to go towards President Barack Obama.

“I am voting for Obama not only because he’s black, but because he stands for college students which Mitt Romney does not,” Hicks said.

Hicks hopes for a more united country rather than one that is divided.  She looks to graduate from college with the ability to pay off college expenses.

“Mitt Romney’s view of America is that you should be able to make it on your own or if you don’t, nobody will

be able to help you,” Hicks said.


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Student Apathy Towards Voting in 2012 Presidential Election

Christen Thomas

Students at Texas Southern University speak out about voting in the 2012 presidential election.

Christen Thomas is registered to vote this coming November and plans to vote for President Barack Obama.

“Obama is more factual than Romney and I’m a Democrat and not a Republican,” Thomas said.

Thomas says, her democratic position is her  independent choice and not one based on family tradition.

Thomas hopes for a better America if President Obama is re-elected.

Thomas is a freshman student and psychology major at TSU.

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Obama-Romney First Debate: What Are the Facts

In less than 10 minutes into the the first presidential debate, Republican Govenor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama, drew in over 5 million viewers on YouTube.com. The highly anticipated 90 minute discourse Obama kicked it off on a sentimental note during his two minute opening remarks announcing he and Michelle Obama’s 20th year wedding anniversary.

Then, Romney proceeded with his opening remarks congratulating the president on his anniversary and teasingly commented that the presidential debate was the most romantic place Obama could imagine to celebrate.

Let’s look at a couple of facts that were stated in the debate. Considering  both Romney and Obama’s claims to help small businesses, but, is Donald Trump a small business owner?

Answer: According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, which uses the 500-worker maximum in its definition, small business firms employ half of all private-sector workers and pay 44% of the total U.S. private payroll. In 2009, there were 27.5 million businesses in the nation, 99.7% of which were small firms.Donald Trump is considered a small business owner. Republican tax messaging going back several years, classifies anyone recognizing business income on their individual tax returns as a “small business” — including people like Donald Trump, who recognize business income from book sales and speaking fees.

The fate of PBS if Romney takes office.  Twitter streams went into a frenzy when Romney so eloquently declared his plans to discontinue the nation’s Public Broadcasting Service if he were elected president.  Why should Big Bird, Sesame Street  and other regularly scheduled PBS’ educational programs be alarmed about losing government support for their iconic roles since the 1970’s?

Answer:  One reason for the plan to cut funding for PBS is that Romney concedes that he doesn’t wanna keep borrowing money from China to keep paying for things here in the US. “A lot of Republicans think that even things like Sesame Street have a liberal bias,” says Sarah Lyall, London correspondent for the New York Times. With a Republican like Romney in office, Sesame Street may go off the air if it can’t find sufficient supporters.

“I like coal. I’m going to make sure we continue to burn clean coal. People in the coal industry feel like it’s getting crushed by your policies,” Romney said to President Obama in Wednesday’s debate. Isn’t coal harmful to our environment?

Answer: Here this for yourself. February 6, 2003, Romney spoke at a press conference in front of a coal plant located in Collins Cove, Salem saying that he would not create jobs or hold jobs that kill people.

According to GreenPeace.org, a national environmental friendly advocate reports that coal is not only harmful to the public’s health but a direct threat to our air, water and global warming.  Despite the claims from the coal industry that they have the technologies to produce “carbon-free coal”, coal is still reported to be a pollutant affecting millions of people who suffer with bronchitis and asthma who live close to a power plant with.  Clean coal….there is no such thing. See actual video clip.

There are many more statements and arguments that may be uncovered and deemed factual, however, the first debate revealed to us some interesting factors to consider on election day, November 6, 2012.