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Minority Voters Pull Second Term for President Obama

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Exit polls report a large percentage of African-American, Latino and Asian voters supporting Obama in the 2012 presidential election. Exit polls reveal 93 percent of African-Americans voted for Obama to 6 percent for Romney, Hispanic voters ranked a record high of 71 percent votes for Obama to 27 percent for Romney, Asians ranked at 73 percent votes for Obama to 26 percent for Romney, and Caucasian voters ranked 39 percent for Obama to 59 percent for Romney.

As the minority groups throughout the country expand and take a proactive role in politics, the Republican party are compelled to look at ways they can appeal to minority voters and beef up the competition.

“Our party needs to realize that it’s too old and too white and too male and it needs to figure out how to catch up with the demographics of the country before it’s too late,’ said Al Cardenas, the head of the American Conservative Union and a longtime GOP leader.”

“Our party needs a lot of work to do if we expect to be competitive in the near future.”

“Sen. Marco Rubio, a Republican in Florida and possible 2016 presidential candidate, added: ‘The conservative movement should have particular appeal to people in minority and immigrant communities who are trying to make it, and Republicans need to work harder than ever to communicate our beliefs to them.”


Author: tsuprstudent

Journalism and public relations senior at Texas Southern University. Slated to graduate earning a bachelor of arts degree spring 2013.

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