Texas Southern University Communication Student: "There's Excellence Within"


TJM picTana Janelle Morehead, Journalism/Public Relations BA Candidate

Tana Janelle Morehead grows her business development and public relations team of business consultants to educate, coach and consult budding and existing business owners with professional services and resources.

Janelle is the founder of Morehead’s Connections Business Development and Public

Relations, where she coordinates and strategizes business development services for business owners needing foundational business development services like business plans, business funding, business credit development, legal consulting, marketing, website development, media and public relations services just to name a few.

Janelle is an innovator and creative thinker.  Not only does Janelle offer guidance and resources to clients building a business, she holds a keen sense for recognizing potential synergistic relationships. Business-to-business match-making for Janelle is a highlight for her business as the alliances she presents personifies the name – “More head’s Connections.”

Janelle grew up in a middle class neighborhood in Houston in a working class family with no clue about business ownership or even the thought of becoming a businesswoman someday. She envisioned her future singing before audiences with a possibility of following a vague childhood interest in psychology, an occupation she thought would be generously lucrative.
Janelle was approached by an associate who encouraged her to become a MaryKay independent cosmetic consultant, in 2001 shortly after being laid off from her paralegal job at Coastal Oil & Gas Company.  Janelle was uncertain about what was next for her and the few options available to her through her journey of personal and financial struggles that surfaced in her life.  MaryKay was an eye-opening introduction to her instinctive entrepreneurship character.

Janelle’s experience in several other entrepreneurial endeavors has helped her develop an understanding and knowledge of the small business enterprise to coach other business owners desiring to channel their talent and skills to create a financial future for their families through entrepreneurial platforms.

Janelle’s believes that every person on earth possesses an ability to be prosperous if they desire financial security, however, the choice in how someone acquires a healthy and wealthy lifestyle has to commensurate with they are willing to sacrifice.

Janelle actively markets and seeks out resources for an array of services to beginner and seasoned business owners in various fields of business development.

Her collaboration with Prairie View A & M University’s Cooperative Extension Program is her recent community collaboration. The partnership produced “The Big Boom Business Plan Writing Workshop” assisting business owners statewide with business plan development and funding preparation.



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